The telecom space is one of the nation's hottest spaces right now. Why? simple - 5G. This technology is set to change the way we all live and work. So this is where the action is. We have been working with the nation's largest provider of 5G services, we really understand this domain and we know what this space means, not only to our clients but also to talented  and experienced telecom engineers,  program managers and other experts who have have had a successful career in wireless services equipment and service delivery.

But its not only 5G. Older equipment and services have to be supported too. We know, because we have placed many consultants in multiple areas of traditional telecom, wireline and wireless.

We have a lot of expertise in telecom. Call us!

Located in the heart of the nation’s Telecom Corridor AVA Consulting has developed a deep expertise in Telecom.

The technology advancements having the greatest impact on the Telecom industry.

One of the oldest industries in America, Telecommunications is entering a new landscape that’ll make or break many in the industry.