Whether it is AI, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Big Data, Agile transformation, Cyber Security or the Internet of Things, manufacturing is rapidly changing. For companies to stay competitive and protect their data, they need to take advantage of these new technologies to become more efficient and cost effective in creating products and to leverage data analytics to manage, update and analyze product and consumer information.

AVA Consulting's understanding of today's disruptive technologies allows it to successfully partner with leading manufacturing companies to improve their people, processes and products.

We  work with some of the largest manufacturers to improve the quality of their manufacturing teams. We have placed highly qualified candidates at all levels of manufacturing, from the shop floor to the Executive Suite.

Technology and process improvement are driving change across the manufacturing industry. AVA Consulting's domain knowledge and resources will help your organization continue to evolve and grow.

We are focused on helping manufacturers to transition their technologies to next generation capabilities.